Howard Lake Herald, September 8, 1997

Wright County detective retires


Over 175 people turned out to celebrate and honor Wright County Detective Brooks Martin of Howard Lake at his retirement dinner Friday.

Chief Deputy Don Lindell said Martin has been with the county since Oct. 1, 1971.

Martin worked in Orono as a patrol officer and served Howard Lake from March to September of 1971.

During his time with Howard Lake, Martin remembered a man who pulled alongside his squad car late one night.

The man transferred his bottle of beer to his right hand, rolled down his window, and asked, "Is this Howard Lake?"

Martin said there were outstanding warrants on the inebriated gentleman, and it was an easy arrest.

He and his wife, Shirley, moved to Howard Lake in 1968, and he said the town was pretty quiet.

One of the hardest things, he said, was to work on the more tragic cases when he knew the people and families involved.

Lindell said Martin is a good friend, a very effective detective, and has a great sense of humor.

It seems funny things just happen to Martin. According to Lindell, Martin and another detective were going to attend a fund raising, salad luncheon in Buffalo one day.

They walked in, ate their fill, and asked where they could pay.

It seems they had the wrong church; it was a funeral dinner.

Martin's last day was Aug. 29, and now he said he can wake up and do whatever he wants. That may include a lot of hunting and fishing.

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