Howard Lake Herald, December 8, 1997

New maintenance worker on duty in HL


"My dad caught a huge dogfish in Howard Lake one summer. It was a really big fish, and I was so excited! He was really mad, and I couldn't understand why."

Todd Anderson, new maintenance worker for the City of Howard Lake, recalls several years of vacations with his dad on Howard Lake.

"I was reading the paper last week, and the story about the new liquor store manager caught my eye.

"My dad and I used to stay at the Timbers Resort for a week in the summer when I was a kid."

Anderson said he drove all around the lake looking for the old resort, but he couldn't quite place where it was.

He finally recalled the place, when he read the Garden Spot Inn was the old Timbers lodge.

The lake has been raised, so the beach area was quite different, said Anderson.

He grew up in St. Louis Park and spent most of his life in the city. So, when the opportunity came to move to a small town for employment, the chance was too good to ignore.

Schooled in water and waste water treatment, Anderson has a class D license.

He will learn from Maintenance Supervisor Tom Goepfert the things he needs to know for his class C and B licenses.

The job provides Anderson with work both indoors and outdoors. Exactly what he wants.

He is a hunter and a fisherman, so the outdoor work really appeals to him.

The variety of seasonal work appeals to Anderson. Snow removal in the winter and park work in the summer will help keep him outside.

"I just finished winterizing the fire hydrants," he said, "and we are gearing up to do the ice rinks soon."

He also watches the weather closely, wondering whether he will have to get up at 6 a.m. for work or 3 a.m. to remove snow from the streets.

Since the department has been a little short-handed this fall, there is a lot of catch-up work to do, said Anderson.

Beth, Anderson's wife, and daughter Brittany, 2, live with him in the Waters Edge Townhomes.

They are looking forward to the purchase of a home in the future. Old style homes are their favorite.

Owning a home rathar than renting is important, because they like to garden. Beth is a full-time homemaker and likes to can garden produce.

"She also likes crafts. She doesn't sell them, but she buys a lot," he said.

Fortunately, said Anderson, he was sick the day of the Howard Lake craft sale, and she couldn't go.She had to stay home and take care of him.

They are looking forward to a smaller community atmosphere. He is interested in the possibility of playing with the Orphans, the local baseball team.

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