Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 22, 1997

Kyle Horsman going to Super Bowl for essay

Kyle Horsman knows what it means to be a good sport, and that knowledge will take him to Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego.

Horsman is one of five national finalists in the Sprint NFL Good Sport essay contest.

The contest was open to eighth grade students throughout the country.

Horsman, of Lester Prairie, was the Minnesota finalist, having his essay picked from over 2,000 entrants.

Along with their essays, the students also voted for the Sprint Vikings Good Sport of the Year. This was won by Robert Smith of the Minnesota Vikings.

Horsman presented the award to Smith at a press conference on Nov. 24, and he was given tickets to a Vikings game.

As one of the top five essayists in the nation, Horsman will sit in on the first annual Sportsmanship Summit with NFL players and media.

The national winner will be announced at the Summit at the Super Bowl and receive a $5,000 savings bond. The four runners-up will each receive a $1,000 savings bond.

Over 40,000 students and 400 schools nationwide participated in the program.

Good Sportsmanship

By Kyle Horsman

Good sportsmanship is about getting along with the people around you, sharing and thinking about others, not yourself.

Giving to your friends, not always receiving.

When doing an activity of some sort, choose somebody different than you normally choose. It makes people around you like who you are. When the people around you get along with you, you usually have more friends.

In the classroom, you should do the same. If you get a bad grade, you shouldn't complain about it; you probably deserved it.

If you don't understand why you got the bad grade, you should go and ask the teacher about it. He/she should be able to tell you why.

If they can't tell you why, you should go talk to the principal or your parents. Then somebody can go and talk to your teacher to find out why you got the bad grade.

It's easier that way than starting a big distraction. It's worth the trouble.

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