Howard Lake Herald, December 22, 1997

Museum to observe 20th anniversary of Humphrey's death

The Humphrey Museum will observe the 20th anniversary of Hubert H. Humphrey's death Saturday, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. at the Waverly Village Hall. He died on Jan. 13, 1978.

Dick Chapman, former WCCO broadcaster and author will reminisce about covering Humphrey during his political career. In his book "When 'CCO Was Cookin," he writes about a flight of mallard ducks winging right across Hubert Humphrey's grave site on that cold afternoon. Assigned to the cemetery, he described that astounding sight on the air, as the mallards flew straight toward the setting sun.

There will be music and refreshments. The proposed museum renovation plan for the village hall will be on display.

The vision statement of the Humphrey Museum includes the words ultimately recognized as "a place for everyone from everywhere." This life and legacy of Humphrey will be the initial core focus. A broadened focus will emphasize the impact of his influence on 21st century issues and decisions.

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