Howard Lake Herald, May 12, 1997

Flood 'refugee' goes to HLWW prom


One of the things Jennifer Krogstad grabbed as she left her home in Grand Forks was her prom dress.

At 1:30 in the morning, she could take very little.

Jennifer and her parents, Don and Nancy Krogstad, couldn't believe the water would come three miles from the river.

She is niece to Greg and Cathy Birkholz, Howard Lake and has been living with them for the last few weeks.

Krogstad is a high school senior, said Greg, and was feeling very displaced by the flood.

"She could not talk with her friends and will not have a prom. There is uncertainty as to when or where graduation will be held," he said.

HLWW teacher Paul Fobbe came to the rescue.

Krogstad visited the HLWW High School, and Fobbe contacted the Birkholzs after learning about her situation.

Birkholz said that Fobbe made arrangements for Krogstad to attend the HLWW Prom and even found her a date.

He arranged for her to have her hair done, transportation (classic 1974, red, GTO convertible), and dinner.

Fobbe also found the funds to cover all this, said Birkholz.

Krogstad said she had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the grand march, the dance, and the dinner.

She and her date attended the after prom party, where she was known as the "refugee" and her date as the "refugee supporter."

Birkholz said he took a lot of pictures and videotape for her to keep.

"The community brought me into their event and made me feel very welcome," said Krogstad.

She and her family have returned to Grand Forks to start the assessment and rebuilding process.

Their basement was full of water, and needs to be inspected for structural damage and wiring problems, said Cathy Birkholz.

"We still have their dog," she said.

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