Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, October 27, 1997

License of former local veterinarian revoked

The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine today warned the public that a former veterinarian might be treating animals in violation of a court order.

The board revoked Mohammed Shahidullah's license to practice veterinary medicine Jan. 31, 1997. The license was revoked in part because an administrative law judge found there was overwhelming evidence that animals treated by Shadidullah "were placed at risk and subject to incompetent and inhumane care."

After Shahidullah's license was revoked, the Board received information that he was continuing to treat animals. On Aug. 1, 1997, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, on behalf of the board, obtained a Ramsey County District Court order prohibiting Shahidullah from practicing veterinary medicine.

After the court order, the Board received yet another report that Shahidullah was continuing to practice. The owner of a dog, no knowing Shahdullah's license was revoked, gave the dog to Shahidullah to treat a broken leg. It was reported to the board:

The Board refereed the matter to the St. Paul City Attorney's office, which has issued misdeamor charges.

The board is concerned that animals given to Shahidullah for treatment may be subjected to incompetent and inhumane care. The public should know that it is illegal for him to practice veterinary medicine in Minnesota.

Shahidulla's date of birth is Feb. 28, 1946. He also goes by the names "Dr. Sam and Sam Ulland."

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