Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, October 6, 1997

Committee starts work on city hall recommendation


The committee that will recommend what to do with the city hall officially began that task at 8:15 Tuesday night.

On Sept. 27, some members of the committee met with the city council, talked about what the committee should do, and toured the building. Councilmember Gary Lenz was absent from that meeting.

The committee is composed of Leonard Cochran, Tom Ollig, Peggy Lenz, Dave Mochinski, Mary Wiemiller, Char Laxen, and Paul Weibel. Mary Stamm was added to the committee Tuesday night.

Wiemiller and Laxen were unable to attended the first meeting. Weibel and Wiemiller were unable to attend the second.

Tuesday, it was agreed the committee would look at all options including: build a new city hall, tear it down, sell it, refurbish it, and continue to use it as a city hall or any other option that could work.

The committee has until May 1, 1998 to gather information, weigh options, and present the council with a recommendation for the city hall. The council will make the final decision, and this will be followed with a referendum in the November general election.

Tuesday, Mayor Don Guggemos and Councilmember Bob Kegler met with the committee. At one point Guggemos began talking about costs to fix city hall, but Ollig said the committee did not want to get into that, but only wanted to make a recommendation of what it felt was best for the city.

An open house/tour for the public will be Saturday, Oct. 25 from 1 to 4 p.m.

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