Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 10, 1997

City of Winsted now on the Web


At last! The City of Winsted is part of Cyberspace!

Winsted is now "officially" on the Internet for all the world to see.

Get ready to put this URL address into your bookmark on your web browser:

The home page for the City of Winsted first displays the striking "lake scene" which is a photo of Winsted taken from the east side of Winsted Lake.

Currently, eight separate "pages" of informational links are provided for the Internet user to choose from to learn more about Winsted and what it has to offer. The information is directed to its citizens and to those who want to know more about the city.

Filled with color photographs and useful information, the City of Winsted Web site contains city notices, meetings, community information and much more.

City services and policies, along with aerial maps and directions complement this Web site.

Would you like to know what current projects the city is involved in?

Just click on the "What's Happening" page and it will display current city projects that are going on in town.

The "Photo Gallery" page has some interesting local community pictures of interest. There are aerial photos of Winsted, along with photographs of Mill Reserve Park, Southview Park and Luce Line Trail. The current fire hall, library and police department are represented here. It even includes the "famous" photo of Winsted taken from the air that shows how Winsted is looking more like the shape of Minnesota. Especially with Winsted Lake on the northeast boundary, which is similar to the way Lake Superior is situated in relation to the State, although Lake Superior has a few more acres to it than Winsted Lake.

Personally, I'll take the dramatic and picturesque sunsets on Lake Winsted over those on the bigger pond east of Duluth any time.

The old city hall building is also displayed. Although it is now closed due to its deteriorating condition, the city hall has served the community well over the years and the photo of it displays the rich history it represents.

All meeting schedules are available as well. Any special meetings and announcements would be posted and be made immediately available online.

The "Who's Who" page provides access to the people who serve the city on the many commissions, committees, departments, councils, and other boards.

Federal representation is also displayed. The names, addresses and phone numbers of our other elected officials at the state level are also available.

I found it very handy and easy to move around with the click of a mouse! The "City Services and Policies" page has a wealth of information in it. From building permit requirements to dog licenses, local utilities, and other regulations and permits, you will find them here.

A list of all the local industry and businesses in Winsted is also available.

The "Community Info" page is actually a link to the Winsted Guidebook that is part of the local newspaper Web site.

Do you send e mail on the Internet? Well, now you can provide a link to your hometown! The "Maps & Directions" page of the Winsted Web site provides full instructions and maps on how to get to Winsted. The first map shows the United States and highlights Minnesota with Winsted highlighted. Several overlay maps bring Winsted's location to view from the state map, McLeod County map, to finally, the street mapping of the city of Winsted itself.

Each overlay provides driving directions to reach Winsted from any direction. So, when you are having out of town visitors coming here for business or pleasure, have them check out the City of Winsted Web site for directions.

The City of Winsted Web site is a continuing work in progress. It is a virtual informational resource that will continue to grow and expand with input from local citizens and city officials, and will provide the most current and useful information possible.

I have no doubt that other city organizations will have representation on this new web site. Just having an "official" Winsted Web site on the Internet is the first step. It's success will be a result of continual updating and promotion by its citizens and elected officials.

With Winsted having local access to the Internet available, it's citizens now have the opportunity to be a part of this new and exciting world of the Internet. I encourage you to visit the Winsted Web site, browse around it and leave an e-mail message with your comments and suggestions!

I know some of you out there are even reading this column on the Internet from the "Columns" page of the Web Site, so all you need to do is click on over to and you can check out the new City of Winsted Web site right now.

Winsted, welcome to the World Wide Web of the Internet.

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