Howard Lake Herald, November 17, 1997

State wristwrestling champ from Howard Lake


A new sport came to Minnesota in 1996, and Galen Krummel of Howard Lake quickly made his mark.

In 1996 he placed second in the state middleweight class and this year he won first place in the lightweight class in the state competition held in Albertville on Sept. 20.

Krummel, 20, a graduate of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW), discovered wristwrestling at the Wright County Fair and gave it a try.

The World Wristwrestling Association from Brown Deer, Wisc. held the competition. About 40 or 50 men and women from this area competed, Krummel said.

Krummel placed first in his class and was hooked. He went on to compete in the state competition.

At the state level, this is an open competition and anyone can compete, he said, but at the national level entrants need to be state champions.

It isn't expensive to enter, said Krummel. Except for state and national level competitions, entries run about $5.

He stressed that new competitors need to learn how to do it from someone experienced because there is danger of injury.

There is always the possibility of breaking an arm or tearing tendons, he said, and technique is important to prevent injury.

"I'm a body builder and use the facilities at the HLWW High School to work out," he said.

While physical strength is important, Krummel explained mental attitude plays an important part in the competition.

"If you don't think you can win; you won't," he said. "It is important to remember it is only a game."

Krummel said wristwrestling is a good winter sport and a whole lot warmer than ice fishing.

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