Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 5, 1998

A family with three A's


I have a little girl named Annie and she is five years old.

One day I said to her, "Annie, do you want to go to school this year? You know your sister started when she was five years old and she had a lot of fun. You will meet lots of other little girls to play with and you can go with your sister on the big yellow bus." "Oh, I will like that," said Annie.

Monday came and our little girl was happy. We put her new dress on. She was so cute and little; and to think, now our baby is gone.

I went with the children to the bus and then they were gone. Tears came to my eyes; I will miss them. I walked back to the house and the phone rang. It was Joe, my husband, and he asked me if he could bring a puppy home. He got it for nothing, it just needs a good home. I said, "Bring it home." He came with the dog, it was very small and cute.

"The girls will go wild when they see her," I said. "What is her name?" Joe said, "She doesn't have one; we will have to name her. They just called her 'baby'."

I came into the house and there she lay on my new rug, fast asleep. I looked out the window and there came the girls. When they came to the house I said, "Be quiet. There is a baby sleeping in the ho use."

"A baby! Oh, mother, you are kidding." All at once they saw the puppy. The girls went over to her and the puppy woke up and started to lick their faces.

The girls were so happy. They asked me where she came from and I told them that their daddy got her. "Can we keep her? Oh, please, can we? Mother, please, can we?," they cried. I looked at the puppy and the girls and I had to say, "Yes".

"You know she is a baby, and she has to go outside to go potty and you have to take care of her. You may have to clean up after her," I said. "We know, Mother. "Don't worry, we will take care of her," they said. "You won't even know she is here."

I gave the girls a dish for her water and one for her food. "Put paper on the floor and put here dishes on it. She has to eat on the paper, and you have to change it every day," I said. "Oh we will, don't worry," the girls said. So I left the house to get some work done.

I came in to start supper and my daughter, Amy, was on her hands and knees wiping up water with my new towels. I asked her what had happened.

"Well, Annie put a glass of water in her dish and the puppy put her feet in it and spilled it all over," Amy said. "Where is her paper?" I asked. "Oh, I forgot," said Amy. I was thinking that I should of said 'no' to Joe when he asked to bring the puppy home, but now it is too late.

Amy sent Annie to get the towels from the bathroom and the puppy followed, leaving water all over. I went outside to get a box for the puppy and put it on the porch. I came back in and there was the puppy, sleeping on the rug, and Annie with her arms around it, sound asleep. Well, I guess the new puppy stays. We will have to give her a name.

I said to Amy, "This is puppy's corner. Put paper down and his dishes on the paper.When daddy comes home we will all think of names for her." Amy brought in the box and we put a rug in it for the puppy to sleep on. "Don't forget to take the puppy outside before you go to bed," I said. "Oh, mother, we will," Amy answered.

Daddy came home and was carrying a package. In the package was a pretty dog collar. He put it on the puppy. She didn't like it, but we told her she looked pretty in it.

It was time to eat. Annie said, "Come, baby, you can lay by me under the table." Mother put the meat and the rest of the food on Annie's plate. We were all eating and talking about the new puppy when Annie said, "Mother, can I have some more meat?" Mother said, "You want more meat! Did you eat all that meat already?" "Well, some fell on the floor and the puppy ate it," Annie said. Oh my, what next?

Dad said, "Girls, I am going to tell you now - No more food anyplace but in the puppy's dish on the paper. No more dog by the table. Do you hear me?"

"What shall we name the puppy? It has to be a girl's name because she is a girl," Daddy said.

Amy asked me, "Why did you call me Amy and my sister Annie?" I told her, "Well, your daddy's mother gave all the boys in the family names starting with "J". I chose names that started with "A".Maybe we should call her 'Aida'."

Daddy said, "Aida, come here". And she did. "Well," said Daddy. "We have three girls in the family now whose names start with 'A'."

The girls got ready for bed. Annie came with Aida and her box and put it on the floor in her room. I came in and here was Aida in bed with Annie. I said, "She can't sleep with you. I will put her back in the box and that is where she will sleep from now on, in the kitchen." "Please, Mommy, just tonight?"Annie asked. "Well, okay," I said. I hope I did the right thing.

We all went to bed. We were tired after a big day. Now we are a family with three "A's". The girls are so happy.

The next morning I got up and put the coffee on for Joe and woke the girls. All at once it came to me that I didn't see the dog in her box. I also noticed a bad smell coming from the bedroom.

"What is that smell in here?" I asked. "Well, maybe its from Aida," Annie said. "What do you mean, "I asked. " Well, Aida wet the bed. But I didn't lay on it. I took my pillow and laid it on the wet spot," said Annie.

I pulled the covers back to look and there it was. The smell was so bad, everyone came in asking, "What is that awful smell?"

What a mess that was. The bedroom smelled bad for two weeks and the pillow took three weeks to dry after I washed it. Joe said," Girls, if you want to keep this dog, this had better not happen again."

Now the girls take the dog out every night before bedtime and she stays in her box to sleep in the kitchen. Every day she gets bigger.

Times passes fast. School is out and it is spring. Aida sleeps in a doghouse that Joe made for her. We've learned how to raise a puppy now. Don't let her sleep in your bed.

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