Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 26, 1998

The story of the deer


My best friend is Bambi. She is a little deer who comes to our home at the lake. But I didn't see her all summer and I was afraid she went way up north into the big woods.

I hope she didn't because I miss her and so many deer get hurt or killed by cars on the road.

One day we were on our way to the lake and I saw her by the lake. I was so happy. When we got to the house, I told my dad. He said, "I'll tell you something about Bambi.

"She came over to Bob's, our next door neighbor. Lady (our sheep dog) saw her and started to bark. Bambi got scared. She came down Bob's steps. I was afraid she would break a leg. But she didn't, and she ran over to our house and right up our steps.

"Then she went down the road to the lake and ran right onto the lake. She broke through the ice so that only her head and her front legs were out of the water.

"A neighbor, Jim, came down to the lake and said, 'She will die if we don't get her out. We will have to go out on the ice.'

"We walked out very carefully and got a hold of her ears and pulled her out. We took her to the shore and laid her on the long grass. We brushed all the ice off of her. She was cold. We rubbed her and petted her and she tried to get up.

"Jim said, 'I think she will be all right.' So we walked out of the long grass.

"All at once Bambi got up and ran into the woods. Jim said, 'I bet she won't go out on the ice anymore. She will find her mother and her mother will keep her in the woods.' But two days ago I saw her with her mother. I think they will stay around here."

Now, boys and girls, never go out on the ice unless your mother or your dad tells you that the ice is safe. You know, you don't have long ears like Bambi.

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