Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 2, 1998

Bye-bye, birdies


One day I came home from school and said to my mother, "It is cold outside. When are we going to get spring?" Mother said, "It will be spring when we hear the birds sing."

In the morning before school I went to the woods to listen, but I couldn't hear any birds singing. When I got to school I saw kids looking up at a tree. I asked them what they were looking at and they said, "Look at the bird. She has babies and she is feeding them."

We watched and saw their heads pop up when the mother bird gave them a worm to eat. The boys laughed when all the girls said, "I'm glad I'm not a bird."

The school bell rang and we went in to school. The teacher told us about the bird family. "Don't scare the mother bird or she will leave the nest. The babies are too small to fly away with her. You can help the mother bird to feed her babies by finding some worms for her."

So after school we found some worms and put them on a board so the mother bird could get them to feed her babies. Each day we brought her more.

One day I said, "Be quiet. Listen. The baby birds are singing. I knew they would sing soon because spring is here."

The next day was the last day of school and we ate our lunch outside under the tree. We put some bread down on the ground and the baby birds came down, picked up the bread and flew away. "Bye, bye, birdies," we said.

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