Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 16, 1998

The first time I played in the snow


I'm two years old, and I only saw snow from our windows in the house, but I never played in it.

Mother said it is a nice day and the sun is out. "How would you like to play in the snow. Mary will take you out. I will dress you good and warm and you will have a lot of fun."

I said to myself, "What's with this snow. I can see enough from the window." She kept putting clothes on me. I could not stand up, so she picked me up and ut me outside in the snow.

I knew I would like it, but here I was in a snowbank. Then my sister said here give me your hands. She took off my mittens and put the cold stuff in my hands. It was cold, so I dropped it and again she did it. What did she think she was trying to do freeze my hands and they call this fun. Not for me.

All at once she pushed me down and I fell in a snow bank. I said to myself. I have to get in the house. So I started to cry and boy did I cry.

All at once some boys and girls went by and they threw snow at my sister and she jumped up. Sure enough I got it in my face and I wet my pants.

I thought what next. The boys and girls put snow in my hands again and showed me how to make a snowball.

What with these kids showing me how to make a snowball my hands are freezing, my pants are wet and cold, but they kept on putting the snow in my hands and here I am sitting in a snowbank.

I thought I should get to the house before my pants froze to my butt and my hands were cold, but nobody would put my mittens on.

I started to cry and I cried until mother came out and she said your hands are cold. I thought cold, no froze. I will never go outside again until the snow is gone.

I was tired and I was glad to get in a warm crib.

The next morning mother put a sweater on me. I thought not again. I started to cry.

Mother said, "Oh, I know you want to go out, but we are having a snowstorm. Maybe you can tomorrow."

No way am I going out again. I can see all I want from the window. I hope it snows until spring and I won't have to go out again and freeze my butt.

Now little boys and girls, don't rush it. Winter comes every year. So long from a two-year old. God bless, Grandma.

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