Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 23, 1998

An afternoon with Jumping Jack


My name is Ella May, and I live by a big lake, call Lake Ida by Alexandria. My grandpa and I love to fish, so one afternoon I took my rod and walked on the dock to fish. Our dock is big and long so we can fish off it.

My grandpa went to the other end to fish. I put a worm on my hook and dropped it into the lake.

All at once I got a bite and my cork went way down deep in the water.

I started to reel my line in and there was a little fish on it. I didn't want to hurt him so I laid down on the dock so I could pick him up out of the water.

He was so little and he was a baby bass. I took him on the dock, but he kept jumping out of my hand. I said, Jack quit jumping. You will hurt your lip. I will take the hook out and your can go back to your mother. But he kept jumping.

I said, Jumping Jack stop jumping and I will help you. I put him on my lap and took the hook out of his lip. I laid him in the water and told him to go back to his mother. Instead he just kept jumping around the dock. I said Jack go home, because I want to fish. But he didn't go.

I laid down my rod on the dock and splashed him with water. He loved that and wanted to play with me.

I went into the house and got some bread to feed him in little pieces.

He sure liked it. I told him it was all gone.

I said now go home Jumping Jack. I want to fish and don't bite my hook or you will die. Jumping Jack then went home to his mother.

I sat there a long time fishing, but no bites. I laid down on the dock and looked under it into the water. There were a lot of big fish fish and then I realized they were bass. I played with them and all at once a big one jumped out of the water.

I said, "Are you Jumping Jack's mother?" She started to jump and then I knew she was Jumping Jack's mother. I said, Jumping Jack went home.

All at once I didn't see her, but way out in the lake she jumped and went home to Jumping Jack. I hope I see her again.

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