Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 30, 1998

The rabbit with bright pink eyes


One day Mother said, "I am going to the mall, Jimmy. Do you want to go with me?" "Oh, yes," Jimmy said, "Can we go to the pet store?"

"There is nothing we need at the pet store," said Mother. " Oh, I know, I just like to look," Jimmy said.

When they got to the mall, there were many cars and they wondered what was going on. They found a place to park and went inside. There were crowds of people and children in front of the pet store.

Mother asked what was going on and a lady told her that they were giving away a pink-eyed rabbit. "Go and get a ticket," the lady said.

But mother said that they sure didn't want to win anything from a pet store. Jimmy begged and begged and finally she got him a ticket anyway. They waited and waited for the drawing. Finally mother said, "We have to go, Jimmy."

"Please, mother, can I stay?" Jimmy asked. So, Mother let Jimmy stay for the drawing and they made a plan to meet at a certain place in the mall after awhile.

Jimmy went closer to look at the rabbit. It was white with bright pink eyes and very pretty. "I wish I could win it," Jimmy thought.

The pet store man announced that three tickets would be drawn. The last ticket drawn would be the winner of the rabbit. If that person was not there to claim the rabbit, the second ticket drawn would win. And if that person did not claim the rabbit, it would be given to the holder of the first ticket drawn.

The man read the number on the third ticket, but nobody there had that number. Then he read the number on the second ticket drawn. Again, no one had that number. He read the number on the third ticket. It was Jimmy's number! He held the ticket up. "Come here, boy," the man said.

Jimmy took the rabbit. It felt so good in his arms. He walked to the place where he was to meet his mother and waited for her.

Just as his mother came around the corner, the rabbit jumped out of Jimmy's arms and ran. Jimmy ran after the rabbit, but he lost sight of it as it ran into a store.

Ladies started screaming and running out of the store. "There is a big rat in the store!" the ladies cried. One lady fainted. Then the policemen came.

Mother said, "Let's leave before the rat comes by us." "But, mother, it isn't a rat," Jimmy said. "Did you see the animal?" asked the policemen.

"Yes, I saw it. It is a big white rabbit. But I didn't see where it went," Jimmy said.

Mother hurried Jimmy out of the mall. She was really mad. "I can't believe you won that rabbit. You should have told the store that you could not keep it," she said. "Just look at all the trouble you caused." They went home and mother told dad about what happened. Dad said, "We will not talk about this again."

At home a week later the phone rang. It was the pet store calling to say that they had found the rabbit and Jimmy should come to get it.

But Jimmy said, "Oh no, give it to another child." He knew that if he brought that rabbit home, the roof would go off the house!

Jimmy's family never again spoke of the rabbit or the trouble he got into. But Jimmy always wondered if he could have kept that rabbit ­ if only it hadn't gotten away from him and caused so much trouble in the store.

Remember, boys and girls, to be sure to hold on tight to your new pet or you may get into trouble like Jimmy did.

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