Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, April 13, 1998

Mr. Easter finds his way home


Mother said, "Children, come here. Hurry! Look out the window at the mother rabbit and her little babies.

"Maybe they are hungry. I have some old cabbage you can feed them. Here, take this cabbage head. Give them one leaf at a time and lay it on the ground."

Jim took the cabbage leaf and went outside very slowly. He lay the leaf on the ground.

First, one little bunny came, then the mother came, too. They were so cute. The babies were brown, just like their mother.

Then one more baby bunny came to eat the cabbage leaf. This one had white fur.

The brown bunnies would not let the white bunny eat with them. I took a cabbage leaf and broke it into small pieces. As I laid the pieces down on the ground, the brown bunnies ran away, but the white bunny looked at me and came a little closer. I backed up and he started eating from the cabbage leaf.

I put down more cabbage leaves and the bunny came closer and closer to me as he ate. He came so close that I could touch him. Then I held out a cabbage leaf to him and he ate right out of my hand. He even let me pet him.

Dad said, "You know, that rabbit family is living right under the porch. But not the white one. He lays on the porch steps and, once, I almost stepped on him."

I got a box and put a towel in it for the white rabbit so he could sleep on it.

"Dad," I asked, "why are the other baby rabbits brown and only this rabbit is white?"

"Well, I guess it is like people," Dad said. "Some have red hair, some blond, and some black. They say it is something in our genes.

"You know, I think that the brown rabbit is not the white rabbit's mother. Maybe he got lost and just went with the others.

"I think we should put an ad in the paper in case some little boy or girl lost him. Maybe someone will call us."

"I hope not," said Ruth. "I want to keep him."

The next day we got a call from someone who had lost a white rabbit. They asked to come to see the rabbit we had found.

They came that night and they had a little girl who had been very sick. Ever since her rabbit got lost, she wouldn't eat.

When the little girl saw the white rabbit, she said, "Mr. Easter, come here. Come to Mary." She ran and picked him up. She was so happy, she started to cry and said, "I thought I had lost you."

There was no doubt that the white rabbit belonged to her. All at once she said, "Dad, come, let's go home. I am hungry." Everyone laughed and the girl and her family went home.

Dad said it was good that we made Mary so happy. We will pray for all the people that are hungry; that they will find some happiness and love this Easter.

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