Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, April 27, 1998

Billie gets into big trouble


Baby goats are called kids. They can get into trouble as fast as another kind of kid can, a kid like you. I will tell you a story about a goat kid named Billie.

Now, Billie likes to get out of his pen, where he lives with his mother and dad goat. The goat family lives on a farm belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Button.

Mrs. Button liked to hang her laundry out to dry. When she wasn't looking, Billie liked to run under it. The clothes were wet and it felt good. But when Mrs. Button saw him, she would scream at him. Billie would get scared and run away.

One day Mrs. Button went into the house to get another basket of laundry to hang up. As she opened the door, she saw Mr. Button's underwear running around the yard.

"Mr. Button, come quick," she screamed, "Your underwear is running around the yard."

Mr. Button started to laugh. It was actually Billie running around the yard with Mr. Button's underwear stuck on his head.

Mr. Button tried to catch Billie, but before he could grab him, Billie got scared and ran away with the underwear. Mrs. Button tried to help her husband but, try as they might, they coudn't catch Billie.

Billie ran over to the neighbors house with the underwear on his head and the neighbors laughed and laughed when they saw him. The neighbors joined Mr. and Mrs. Button in the chase to catch Billie.

Billie was really scared. He ran back home and into the house through the open door. He couldn't see where he was going very well and he tripped over a tub of water on the kitchen floor. Mrs. Button ran into the house after Billie and slipped in the water. She was wet all over and very angry. Billie ran back outside.

All of a sudden Mr. Button's underwear stopped running away. It was hooked on the fence. Billie ran back into his pen with his mother and dad goat, where he would be safe from Mrs. Button..

Mr. Button went to the fence and retrieved his underwear. The neighbors went home and they were laughing so hard that tears were running down their faces.

Mrs. Button was sitting in the middle of her wet floor and she had tears running down her face, too, but for a different reason. She was very mad at Billie. Mr. Button knew better than to laugh at her.

As for Billie, Mr. Button fixed the fence so that he couldn't get out and get into trouble ever again.

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