Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 1, 1998

A kitten family learns who is important


I live on a farm with my mother and father. We raise cows, calves, pigs, and chickens. When I am in the barn with my mother and father, I play with the animals.

Our baby calf likes to play with me. It is just a baby, but it is bigger than me. It is strong, too.

The calf likes to run to me. Sometimes he runs so fast that he knocks me down and I start to cry. But then he licks my face and makes me laugh.

My mother said the calf is getting too big to play with me. He might knock me down so hard that I would get hurt.

So now I play with the mother cat and kittens when I'm in the barn. They are my favorite animals on the farm.

The mother cat takes good care of her kittens. She feeds them milk so that they will grow up to be big and strong. Three of the kittens are white, one is white with black feet, and one is all black.

When I first started to play with them, I noticed that the white kittens wouldn't let the black one play with them. I think it was because he is a different color.

The black kitten spent most of his day lying down under a tree by himself. I felt sorry for him because it seemed like the others didn't want him around, just because he didn't look like them.

One day the four white kittens came over to the tree where the black kitten was lying and pushed him away. The kittens wanted to try to climb up the tree. They didn't climb up very far before they jumped down. Then they tried to climb up again.

Spot, the white kitten with black feet, didn't jump down when the others did. He kept on climbing up the tree and climbed onto a big limb. Then he tried to climb down but it was too high.

He tried and tried, but he was so high up that when he looked down he was afraid he would fall.

It was getting dark. Spot started to cry. He was very scared and he wanted to get down. The other kittens started crying, too. They wanted their mother, but she was nowhere to be seen.

I tried to get Spot down, but it was even too high for me. So I went to look for my mother to see if she could reach him.

When we came back to the tree, we found the black kitten leading the mother cat to the tree. The mother cat climbed up the tree and over to where Spot was hanging on for dear life. She took a hold of him by the back of his neck with her mouth and carried him back down to safety.

I was so happy that he was safe. All of the kittens were happy, too. In fact, it seems that after this happened they decided to accept the black kitten and let him play with them.

I think they are grateful to the black kitten because he knew where to go to find their mother to rescue Spot. And they learned that it doesn't matter if someone is a different color. Everyone is important and you should be nice to everyone.

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