Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 8, 1998

A stormy experience in the woods


One day Mother Blue Jay told her three little babies, "We are going to have a big storm. Stay way down in the nest so you don't fall out if the wind gets strong. I am going to get you some fresh worms. Worms like to crawl out of the ground when there is a storm."

Mother Blue Jay flew off to get supper, but the wind was already so strong that she didn't get very far away from the tree. She did find a lot of big fat worms on the ground and she brought them up to her babies.

Just as she was feeding them, a big gust of wind came up and the tree started to bend every which way. The mother bird sat on her babies so they wouldn't fall out of the nest.

All at once there was a big cracking sound. The tree fell to the ground, the nest fell out of the tree, and the bird family tumbled out.

At first the mother blue jay could not find her nest and, when she did find it, she could only locate one of her babies. She put him back in the nest.

"Chip, chip, chip," she called to the others. "Where are you?"

"Cheep, cheep, cheep," they answered. "Here we are."

Mother Blue Jay could hear her babies, but she could not see them. Then she spotted them under a big branch, but she could not get them out.

Mr. Chipmunk came running over. "Are you hurt?" he asked.

"No, we're not hurt," Mother Blue Jay answered, "but my babies are stuck under this big branch. I don't know what to do."

"I will help you," said Mr. Chipmunk. "Where is your nest?"

Mother Blue Jay showed him where the nest was with one baby in it. He crawled under the branch, held on to a baby bird, and brought it over to the nest. Then he went back and got the last baby bird.

Mother Blue Jay was so happy. Even though the nest was now on the ground, it was sheltered by some leafy branches and the birds were able to stay quite dry. Mother Blue Jay asked Mr. Chipmunk if he would like to stay with them until the rain quit falling, and he did.

The next day some people came to clean up the fallen tree. Mother Blue Jay flew around and around the fallen tree, quite excited. A little boy and his father saw the bird family. They picked up the nest with the babies in it and carefully put it up in a nearby tree where it would be safe.

Mother Blue Jay flew to the nest. Then she flew around and around the tree. It seemed as if she was saying thank you to the boy and his dad for taking care of her family.

Mr. Chipmunk also climbed up into the tree and looked back at the boy and his dad as if to say, "Thanks!"

About three weeks later, the little boy was out playing in his yard when a grown-up blue jay and three smaller blue jays flew by. He was sure it was the family that he and his dad had helped the day after the storm. He felt happy to know that they were all right.

Boys and girls, if you see someone who needs help, try to help them if you can.

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