Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 29, 1998

Up, up, and away like a bird


How many of you boys and girls have flown in an airplane?

Well I didn't fly until this winter. So far I've flown eight times, but the first time I was very scared. I was afraid that we would crash into a mountain or something.

It was my mother's first time too. She said she wasn't afraid, but I could see she was too. They told us to put our seatbelts on, but mine was too big. The attendant came and made it smaller.

We were going down the run way and all at once we were going straight up. Now I was very scared. I looked out of the window and there was nothing out there. I said I wished I was a bird. I would go back home. I just sat there and prayed. I looked at mother and she was praying too.

All at once they came with soft drinks and nuts. I took my seatbelt off and was enjoying my nuts. Then they said "Put your seatbelts on."

I looked at mother and she said we are in Kansas City. Boy was I glad to get off. I said I have to go to the bathroom. Mother said she did too.

I said to mother. "Should we take the bus home?"

She said we can't. "I have the tickets for us to fly back."

We saw our friends. They came to pick us up.

Nancy said to me, "How did you like flying?"

I said, "I don't. When I looked out of the window and we were way up in the sky, it was too late to walk out. That first step would be a long one."

They all laughed at me.

Now after eight trips I feel like a bird. I can fly like a bird, sit and eat nuts like a chipmunk and be close to God. I think he was sitting in one of the seats too.

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