Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 6, 1998

A hug says 'I love you'


I think the whole world needs a hug. Boys, girls, ladies, and men - a hug doesn't cost any money.

If you feel down and out, or tired and hurt, or it is just a bad day, try this: Go to your mother or dad, your wife or husband, or your brother or sister and say, " I need a hug."

A hug will make you feel better. Just try it and you will see. It will make your day.

My family has adopted the hug. When we feel bad or tired, we go to one another and say that we need a hug. And we always feel better.

Maybe if everybody would do this, instead of getting ornery, our town could be known as the "Hug City."

It's the least you can do for your family. They may think that you've gone crazy, but after a few hugs they will know that you love them.

If you forget to tell them you love them, sometimes a hug can do it. A hug just takes a minute.

With everybody working, there doesn't seem to be enough time to spend with the family. A hug doesn't take much time and it lets your family know that you love them.

We need more families to be loving families. A hug will help to do this.

So just say, "I need a hug." Try it.

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