Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 13, 1998

Stay away from striped cats


One day Mother said, "Keep the dog in the house. There is a skunk outside. I can smell it, but I don't know where it is. I am going out to see if I can see anything, so stay in the house with the dog. If the dog sees the skunk, he will think it's a cat."

Mother went out to look for the skunk, but she couldn't find anything. She decided that it must have passed by our house and gone away. Just to be safe, we kept the dog in the house a while longer.

Mother went to the store. When she came back the smell was even stronger. She called Dad and asked him what to do. "Just stay in the house and keep the dog in the house too," he said.

Mother closed all the windows and doors, but still the smell was really strong. My little brother, Tom, woke up and Mother made him breakfast. Then I left for school.

After I left, Tom and the dog wanted to go outside to play, but Mother said, "No, you must stay inside today."

She went downstairs to wash clothes. All at once she noticed that it had gotten very quiet upstairs.

She came upstairs and found the back door open and no one in the house. All at once, she heard the dog barking and Tom crying. When she found them, the skunk was standing right next to them in the back yard.

The next-door neighbor saw what happened. "I will grab the dog, you grab Tom," she yelled.

Both the dog and Tom had been sprayed by the skunk and they smelled awful. Mother took Tom's clothes off and left them outside.

Tom was rubbing his eyes and still crying, so she wrapped Tom up in a blanket and took him to the doctor. She was afraid that Tom had gotten the skunk's spray in his eyes, but the doctor said he was okay.

Dad took the dog to the vet and had him checked out and he was okay, too. We never saw the skunk again, but it took a long time for the smell to go away.

Little boys and girls, if you see a black kitty with a white stripe, run for the house and stay in or you will smell like we did. Because the kitten is no kitten, it is a skunk.

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