Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 20, 1998

A new home for April


One day many years ago, my little girl, June, asked me if she could get a puppy from our neighbor. Their dog had four puppies-three white and one black.

When we went to see the puppies, we noticed that the mother dog didn't want to feed the black puppy. He was very small and very cute. I said, "You know, June, that puppy is about the same size as our black kittens."

We asked Dad about the puppy and he said we could have it if we kept it in the garage with the cats. So the next day we went to get our new puppy.

When my daughter was born, I named her June because that is the month she was born in. June decided to name the puppy April because the puppy was born in April.

Dad found a box for April to sleep in, just like the box that the cats slept in. We put the boxes next to each other in the garage.

When April saw the kittens, she decided to run after them. The kittens chased her, too. They were all having fun playing together. Dad said, "I think the kittens think that April is another cat because she is black, just like they are."

We opened the garage door and the mother cat went to sleep in the sun. The kittens followed after her. And April followed the kittens.

Mother cat called her babies to eat. April went, too. Dad put the puppy up to the mother cat and she started to nurse. She was very hungry.

The mother cat looked at April and then she laid back down. Dad said, "The mother cat must think April is one of her kittens." We were glad we didn't have to try to feed her with a bottle.

At night, the cats and April slept together in April's box. When the cat called her kittens, April came, too.

Months passed and the kittens grew up to be big cats. They would go hunting and be gone all day.

When we went to our cabin at the lake, we would take April with us. She loved to chase the chipmonks up a tree and play with them.

But, after several years, April was too old to chase the chipmunks. She would sleep almost all the time. One day, while at the lake, she didn't wake up from her nap. We buried April under a tree and put a stone there to mark the spot.

Her friends, the chipmunks, come and sit on the stone. They miss her, and so do we, but she is happy now in doggie heaven.

So, boys and girls, when you say your prayers, say "hello" to April.

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