Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, August 3, 1998

Remember the good old days


Remember when? How many do? I am thinking about the "good old days."

I know you boys and girls are thinking, "What is so good about them?"

Well, back 65 years, more or less, when I was a young girl going to school, I came to visit my grandmother.

We didn't have electricity so there were no lights, just lamps. No TV - it wasn't invented yet.

We had a battery radio, and our big thing was listening to "Mert and Marge." That is the way we got our news.

We only listened to the radio from 8 to 9 p.m. and, during this time, everyone would sit down to listen. This was a big thing to us.

As for the weather, Grandpa went outside, then he came in and said, "It will rain tonight." And it did.

We would save our money so we could go to a western show in Hutchinson to see Tom Mix.

As I got older, when I stayed with my grandparents for the summer, we would go to Swan Lake to the dances.

If it was raining, they would close big doors over the window openings; there were no glass windows. If it rained in, we just danced on wet floors. It sure was fun.

My grandpa had an old Ford car with side curtains (again, there were no glass windows in the doors). Not everybody had a car, so we would pick up our friends and we would sing all the way to the dance.

If we wanted some pop to drink, it was in another building and we had to go outside to get it. They didn't have many choices of things to eat - only hot dogs.

I remember the city hall in Silver Lake had dancing there. After the dance, we would go across the street to a restaurant and they served very good turtle soup.

It is good to go back and remember, don't you think? Someday our children will "remember when." I hope their "good old days" will be as good as ours.

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