Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, August 10, 1998

No longer lonesome


I am a dog named Rex. Once I had a nice family that I lived with, but they moved because the father got a better job in another state.

They gave me to their neighbor, but the neighbors don't have any children and I miss that.

My old family had four kids and we played together and had a lot of fun. It is so lonesome without them.

I was laying out on the porch and three other dogs that were passing by called to me. They asked me what I was doing.

"Nothing," I said. "I have no one to play with."

"We are all alone, too," the dogs said. "What is your name?"

"My name is Rex," I answered.

The dogs introduced themselves. Their names were Spot, Blackfoot, and Sad Eyes.

Two years ago, Sad Eyes belonged to a family that moved away. He has long hair that hangs in his eyes. Now that his family moved away, he has no one to keep his hair trimmed. That is why he is called Sad Eyes.

"We need to find new homes where there are children to play with," I said. "Let's start looking tomorrow. Let's look in the country, where we can live on a farm, run free and chase rabbits." We all agreed that this is what we would do.

The next morning, we started out. "How do we find the country?" asked Spot.

"I don't know," I said. "Let's look for the river and follow it out of the city. At least then we will have water to drink."

We walked and walked. All day we walked, but we could not find the river.

"Boy, I never thought it would be this hard to leave the city," Blackfoot said. "I'm hungry. Let's look for a place where they sell food. They might have left something to eat out in back of their store."

We found such a place with a garbage dumpster in back. It wasn't exactly the kind of food we were used to, but at least it filled us up. Then a man came out of the building and chased us away with a broom.

Next, we saw an abandoned old house and decided to try to sleep there. We were all very tired. We slept soundly until morning.

As soon as it became light, we started on our way again. In the daylight, we realized that we were at the edge of town. We walked a little further and we were finally in the country.

We saw a farm place with cows in a pasture. It looked like a nice place to live. "Let's go up to the house and see if they will give us any food," Spot said.

"Okay, but I think only one of us should go. I'll be first," I said.

I went to the house and a little boy came out. I laid down and wagged my tail. He came over to me and I licked his face. The boy's mother came out of the house and I went to her and licked her hand.

"Oh, Mother," the little boy said, "can we keep him?"

"We'll see," the mother said and she brought me some bread to eat.

When the little boy and his mother went back inside, I brought some of the bread over to my friends, who were waiting on the road. "I think I will like it here," I said. "Sad Eyes, you come with me tomorrow morning."

When the little boy came out of the house that morning, he had another little boy with him. When the second boy saw Sad Eyes, he said, "Oh, he is so cute. I wish I could keep him."

Sad Eyes went to the little boy and licked his face. The little boy picked up Sad Eyes and carried him away to his house, which was next door.

The next time I saw Sad Eyes, I almost didn't recognize him. His hair was trimmed. Why, I could even see his eyes.

"Now we have to find a home for you," I said to Blackfoot and Spot. "Come with me."

Blackfoot and Spot followed me back to my new home. There were many boys and girls there this time.

One of the girls noticed the dogs and said, "Oh, look, this one has black feet." She ran over to Blackfoot and he licked her hand. "I am going to take him home and ask my mother if I can keep him," the girl said.

When the girl got home with Blackfoot, there was Spot with the girl's sister. "Look," the sister said. "Mother said I can keep him."

"Then, I'm sure that mother will let me keep this dog with the black feet, too," the girl said.

So now we all have new homes in the country with children to play with. We are very lucky because we not only all have nice families, but we are able to see each other and play together, too. We won't be lonesome anymore.

You know, boys and girls, everyone needs a family to love. Even dogs.

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