Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, August 24, 1998

Lending a helping hand


One day, three little girls went for a walk in the forest. Their names were Mary, Elizabeth, and June.

As they walked in the woods, they heard many birds singing. But as they came close to a big tree, they thought they heard someone crying.

They went closer and saw a group of crying baby birds sitting on the ground. The baby birds had no feathers and could not fly up to their nest in the big tree. The mother was sitting on a branch near by and she looked very worried.

The baby birds needed to be put back in the nest, but it was too high up for the girls to reach.

Elizabeth decided to get her brother, Tom. "He can climb up the tree and put the babies back," she said.

Mary and June stayed with the baby birds to protect them from cats or other dangers. When Tom and Elizabeth came back, they were running.

Tom climbed up to check the nest in the tree. He needed to be sure that this was the nest that belonged to these baby birds. The mother bird flew to a branch by the nest, so Tom decided that it must be the right one. He climbed back down to get the baby birds.

"How will I carry the birds when I'm climbing up the tree?" he wondered.

Mary said, "I have a bag you could put them in."

So Tom put the baby birds in the bag and closed it up. Then he put the top of the bag in his mouth and carried it up the tree by holding it with his teeth.

The baby birds and the mother bird were making all kinds of noise now. They didn't understand what the children were doing to them.

When Tom got to the nest, he sat on a branch and opened the bag. Carefully, he put the baby birds back in their nest.

The mother bird was flying around and around the tree. When Tom climbed down, she flew over to the nest. As soon as she landed, the baby birds quit crying. Then she flew down to the children as if to say thank you.

Tom said, "She will take care of her babies now. Let's go home."

Three weeks later, Elizabeth, June and Mary decided to go back in the woods and see if the birds were still there.

When they found the nest, they were surprised and happy to see the baby birds sitting on a branch by the nest. Now they were big enough to fly around with their mother.

The bird family flew down to the children. It seemed as if they wanted to tell the children good-bye. And then they flew away.

Elizabeth, Mary, and June were very happy to know that the bird family had grown up safely.

The next time you are in the woods, listen very carefully to all the birds singing. If you hear a bird crying, check to see if you can help.

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