Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, September 7, 1998

First day of school creates memories


I am five years old and I started school this year. My name is Peter and I have two friends, Sam and Joe. We all started school on the same day.

I am the smartest. That is what my brother thinks because I already know my phone number and my address. I also know my dad's first name and I know my name.

My mother made sure I learned these things in case I ever get lost and have to tell someone who I am and where I live.

The first day of school was lots of fun. The teacher is a nice girl. Her name is Mary.

Mary took the class on a tour to see the lunch room and the bathrooms. She told us that the boys can only use the boys bathroom and the girls can only use the girls bathroom. I told her that at home we all use the same one and everybody laughed. I don't know why they laughed - I didn't think it was funny.

We were working at our desks in our room and all at once we heard some girls scream. They came running into our room and Joe was running right behind them. The teacher calmed everyone down and asked what happened.

The girls said that Joe used their bathroom. Joe said he used the girls bathroom because he forgot where the boys bathroom was.

The teacher showed him again where to go and told him he must never do that again. Joe said, "I won't. I am scared of those girls."

Boy, what a day it was. I will never forget my first day of school. We learned not to talk to strangers and to stay with our class when we play on the playground.

If you follow these rules, you will have many good memories of your first day at school, too.

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