Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, September 21, 1998

A special meal for a kid named Nancy


Mr. and Mrs. Dilly Dip lived on a farm with their little girl . Her name was Taco.

On their farm, they had a mother goat named Nanny, who had two babies, Billy and Baby Nancy. Baby goats are called "kids," just like children sometimes are.

Billy was bigger than Baby and he would push her aside and drink all the milk their mother had for them. Mr. and Mrs. Dip were worried that Baby Nancy wouldn't grow up because she didn't get enough to eat.

They put Baby Nancy in a clothes basket with an old blanket on the bottom and brought her into the kitchen. Then Mr. Dip milked the mother goat and put some of the goat's milk in a baby bottle. They fed the little goat with the bottle.

At first, Baby Nancy didn't like the new feeding arrangement and she wouldn't suck on the bottle. The milk ran right out of the little goat's mouth.

Taco tried again and again to feed the little goat and, finally, Baby Nancy started to suck on the nipple. She drank all the milk in the bottle, but she was still hungry.

Mrs. Dip put some warm water with sugar in the bottle. At first the baby goat didn't like it, but soon she drank it all and fell fast asleep.

After that, the Dip family milked the mother goat four times a day and fed the little goat with the bottle. They milked her before they let Billy get his meal so that there was always plenty of milk for Baby Nancy to drink.

Before long, Baby Nancy grew to be the same size as her brother. She grew so big that the Dip family couldn't keep her in the clothes basket.

They decided to quit feeding Baby Nancy with a bottle and they put her back with the mother goat. Now she was big enough to stop her brother from pushing her aside and she got plenty of milk to drink.

Did you know that goat's milk is so special that it can be fed to babies that are allergic to cow's milk? The babies are able to drink the goat's milk without any problem, and they grow up to be big and strong.

Goat's milk is good for all of us. Someday maybe you will be able to try it.

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