Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal,October 12, 1998

The big oak tells a story


Boys and girls, have you ever heard the word "veterinarian?" Well, this word means animal doctor. An animal doctor takes care of animals when they are sick.

Sam, a black and white dog, was feeling very sick. He could not eat and his back was hurting him. Sam's master, whose name is Jack, took him to the veterinarian.

When they got there, the office was full of people with their pets waiting to see the doctor. One of the animals waiting was a bird named Fancy Pants.

Fancy Pants is a parrot. Parrots are birds that can repeat words that people say. Fancy Pants kept talking and talking as he waited for the doctor. He said, "I am so sick, I am so sick, I am so sick," over and over.

The bird's owner, a lady, tried to comfort Fancy Pants by patting his head, but the bird just kept on talking. So the lady opened the door of the bird's cage and took Fancy Pants out to hold him.

All at once, Fancy Pants jumped out of the lady's hand and went flying around and around the room. Everyone tried to catch him, but he just kept on flying around.

The doctor opened the examining room door, saw the bird, and quickly shut the door again.

All of the commotion was making the sick animals feel even sicker.

All at once, Fancy Pants swooped down and landed on the nurses' desk, where he left the nurse a present (bird droppings). He hopped onto his friend's hand and said, "I am not sick. Let's go home."

Everyone laughed - everyone but the nurse that is. The lady bird owner put Fancy Pants back in his cage and took him home.

Sam, the dog, saw the doctor next. The doctor checked Sam over and gave Jack some pills to give to Sam to make him feel better.

Sam was glad to go home to rest where it was quiet and there weren't any noisy birds flying around.

"I'll never forget that bird," Sam said to himself. "But I sure am glad I'm a dog."

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