Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 2, 1998

A little worm learns to mind


This story is about worms.

One day, a lady came out of her house to pull weeds out of her rose garden. There had been two days of rain and the weeds pulled out easily.

A family of worms lived in the ground in the rose garden. When the lady pulled out a handful of weeds, she disturbed the worms' home.

Normally worms live in homes down deep in the ground, but these worms had moved up closer to the surface because all of the rain had made their regular home too wet.

When the lady pulled out the weeds, she saw the worm family and she picked them up and put them on the grass next to the rose garden.

The youngest worm bounced on the soft grass and looked around. "Where has my family gone?" the worm wondered. Then she saw the mother worm and crawled over to her.

"Mother, where are father and my brothers and sisters?" she asked.

"I don't know," the mother worm said, "but we had better look for everyone before the birds come."

The father worm came crawling over to them. "Dad, we have to hurry and find the other children," the mother worm said.

"I see Rocky over there," said the father worm. "And here is Rosebud. But where is Blackie?"

The worm family looked and looked. Mother worm said, "Blackie is so lazy, he is probably sleeping somewhere in the grass. We had better find our home first and then we can continue looking for him."

The worms went back to the rose garden and found their home. The fresh dirt was very soft. "Oh, I like it here," the mother worm said. "And the flowers will keep us covered so that the birds don't get us.

"But, where is Blackie?" Mother worm started to cry. She was sure that a bird had come and taken Blackie away.

Then Rosebud called, "I found him." And sure enough, there was Blackie, sitting in a big hole in the garden.

"What are you doing in there?" mother worm asked.

"I don't know. I just fell into this hole and I like it here," Blackie said.

"Blackie, you must get out of there and get into our house before the birds come," the mother worm scolded.

"But I can't," Blackie said. "This hole is too deep for me to climb out of."

Father worm went down into the hole to help Blackie climb out. Then mother worm screamed, "Hurry, here come some birds!"

The worm family quickly crawled into long grass. Mother worm and Rosebud were crying, they were so scared.

The worm family crawled as fast as they could to their hole in the garden. They made it into their home just as a big bird swooped down at them.

Mother said, "Blackie, next time you will be the bird's dinner if you don't mind us. You must stay with us at all times. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," said Blackie. "I will be good."

You see, even worms must mind their parents. So, boys and girls, you also must remember to mind your parents. It will keep you safe.

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