Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 16, 1998

The love of a grandmother


When I was a child, I had a grandmother that would always kiss my "owies" and take me on her lap and rock in her rocking chair with me.

She was an angel that kept her grandchildren safe. No matter how bad we felt, or if we were sad or lonesome for our mother or dad, she was always there to help us. I hope everyone has a grandma like that.

Grandmother worked very hard, but she was always there. She would say, "Come, I need a hug." It made all of us feel good, wanted and loved.

We would sit on her lap and she would tell us a story from the old country. When she was a little girl, her family was very poor and she never had a new pair of shoes. She had an older sister and when her sister's shoes got too small for her, they would be passed down to my grandmother to wear. The children only wore their shoes in the winter. In the summer, they went barefoot so that the shoes would last as long as possible.

Even as a grown-up, Grandma would go barefoot in the summer. I asked her once why she didn't wear shoes all the time, now that she could afford them, and she said she liked going barefoot.

Then she said, "Do you remember when you needed new shoes for school? Well, you needed them more than I did." That was just like my grandmother - always putting others' needs before her own. She always said that she didn't need anything - she could wait and get them "next time."

Now I am a grandmother, and I have grandchildren, too. When they come to my house, they come running to me, yelling, "Grandma, grandma, come and give me a hug."

Then they ask me to tell them a story. Ella likes to sit on my lap and listen. She likes stories about dolls. My twin grandsons want stories about dogs and kittens. I try to tell them the stories they want to hear.

Now, I have a two-year old grandson, named Jack, who wants to hear stories about race cars. I don't know very much about race cars, but I try!

I will always remember my grandmother. And I am grateful for all the things she taught me about love.

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