Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 7, 1998

Prancer looks for Winsted


One day, Santa Claus came in from his workshop and said to Mrs. Claus, "We will need help this Christmas. There are so many boys and girls that want red wagons and baby dolls and many other toys."

Mrs. Claus said, "Last year we had lots of orders to fill for boys and girls, too, and we got them all done."

"I know," Santa said, "But I have been looking at a map and I found a little town named Winsted. There are lots of girls and boys that live there and they all want toys.

"In Winsted I see lots of children. I see Sam, Robert, Alex, Mary, Elizabeth and Suzzie. And, you know, the girls' dolls will need clothes made for them, too."

"I know," Santa's wife said, "But didn't I get all the doll clothes made in time last year? And, remember, you painted all of the little red wagons and they were done in plenty of time. We will have lots of help when we need it from the elves. And we can get the reindeer to help us, too."

The next day, Santa called all the reindeer together and asked for their help. "First of all," Santa said, " I need one of you to go to Winsted and make a map of where all of the boys and girls live so it will be easy to find them on Christmas Eve."

Prancer said, " I know where Winsted is. Let me go, please?"

Santa said he could go, but he must hurry right back.

That night Prancer left for Winsted. Santa expected him back at the North Pole with the map the following night, but night came and Prancer hadn't returned.

Santa was getting worried. When Mrs. Claus heard that Prancer had been picked to go on the trip, she said, "I can't believe you sent Prancer to do this job. He gets lost just going to bed."

Two days went by and finally Prancer came home. Mr. and Mrs. Claus and the other reindeer rushed out of the workshop to greet him.

"Where have you been, Prancer?" they all cried.

"Well," Prancer said, "I don't know exactly where I was. It might have been Winsted, but I'm not sure. I met many children and they gave me apples and wanted to play with me, so I stayed for a few days. And I told them that we would be back on Christmas Eve with their toys, if they were very, very good."

Santa said, "If you don't know where you were, Prancer, how will we find these children to give them their toys?"

"Gosh," Prancer said, "I didn't think about that."

But Santa said, "Don't worry. I know where Winsted is. I'm sure we will find all of the children on Christmas Eve."

So, boys and girls, be very good. Christmas is coming and Santa will be coming to your house soon.

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