Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 15, 1997

Just call me "Pete"


I am a fish and I like little girls and boys that will go swimming with me in the big lake. The big lake is 35 miles around and little boys and girls can not swim around it but I can, but that's no fun swimming by myself, so I like to be swimming with the little children.

I come to the shore and hide under the dock where they can't see me. But after a couple weeks, they see me and would come and splash water at me, so when they were swimming, I would swim past them and nip their little toes and they would yell "Pete leave me alone." and they would splash the water and laugh.

One day a mother Duck came with all her babies and the little girl went and got some white stuff and fed them. They would fight over the white stuff called bread. But one day they were feeding the ducks bread and I swam by them and scared them and grabbed a piece and ate it. Boy was it good.

The little girl gave me a big piece and told me to go back under the dock so the ducks could eat and that the ducks were scared of me. Gee I was only having fun, I'm sorry if I scared them.

So I went back under the dock and watched them play and eat. The girls seemed to like them better then me and that made me very sad.

The ducks finally left and the little girls came in and went swimming. I was so glad and only hoped the ducks would not come back. The girls came in with a big piece of bread and gave it to me and told me that I was a good fish for letting the ducks eat their bread, come and play with us, so I swam real fast and jumped in out of the water.

They yelled and laughed. "Pete, do it again!" So I kept on doing it until I was to tired and I went and laid under the dock. The little girls went in to eat.

That night I saw a big worm swimming so I went to grab it and Elizabeth said " No, No Pete" and pulled it away. Then I knew she was fishing and that I had to be careful.

It was getting cold and the little girls don't go swimming anymore, so one day they were on the dock, and said "Pete where are you?" I came out and I was so cold, Elizabeth said "Pete you better go into deeper water where it is warmer."

So I swam out and jumped into the air out of the water and she said "Goodbye Pete, I'll see you next summer and don't eat any worms."

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