Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 21, 1998

A pot bellied Christmas gift


My name is Fred. I am a pot bellied pig.

I live with my friend, Joe. One day at Christmas time, Joe, said, "How would you like to come to the big city with me and go shopping?"

"Oh yes," I said. "I have never been to a big city before."

Joe said, "You will need to wear a jacket to the big city. It is very cold outside. Let's ask Mother to make one for you."

Joe's mother made a nice red jacket and cap from some heavy red goods that she had on hand. I put them on and I looked at myself.

"I look pretty good in red," I said.

Joe's mother said, "Everyone will think you are in the city to help Santa Claus."

"Oh boy, I can't wait to see Santa," I cried.

When we got to the big city, we found a place to park by the store where Santa was going to be. There were many bright lights in the city and new sounds that I had never heard before. It was all so very exciting.

As we left the car, a crowd of people gathered around us. The people were pointing at me and laughing.

"Are you Santa's helper?" the people asked.

"No, I am a pig," I answered.

"Why, so you are. And you can talk," the people exclaimed.

"You are so cute," they said, and they pinched my cheeks.

We went in the store and, immediately, I saw Santa. I ran up to him and tried to crawl into his lap, but I fell right off. I tried again and fell off again.

Santa said, "Wait. I will come to you." And he sat down next to me on the floor.

"What do you want for Christmas, little pig?" Santa said.

I told Santa that my name was Fred and I wanted a new bed for Christmas.

"A new bed? Do you sleep in a bed?" Santa asked.

"Sure, don't you?" I asked Santa.

Santa laughed and so did all the other people that had gathered around us. I noticed that there were many people smiling and laughing, but I could not see Joe anywhere.

Then, some little children came running to me. They put their arms around me and hugged me.

"Oh, I want a pot bellied pig like this one for Christmas, Santa," they said.

"Well, I don't know if we can find another one like Fred," Santa laughed.

A little boy in the crowd started to cry.

"But, I want one. I want a pot bellied pig just like this one," he said.

Santa looked at me. "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Santa asked me.

"I don't know," I answered.

Then I saw Joe in the crowd. He walked over to me and I asked him if I had brothers or sisters.

Joe said, "Yes, you do. And I am looking for a home for some of them."

"Well," Santa told the little boy. "It looks like you will get your wish - a little pot bellied

pig just like this one to have for your very own."

The little boy's father said, "My little boy has been sick and you have made him very happy this Christmas."

"I know my brother or sister will be a good friend for your little boy," I said. "I"m glad that, now, we will both have a very Merry Christmas."

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