Herald-Journal Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 22, 1997

The night that Christmas came


Many years ago, before Christ, across the big ocean, there were boys and girls, mothers, fathers, and all people that lived there.

Many families lived in villages, miles apart from each other. They lived in huts, something like our fish house now but no window or doors or lights, tv, or bathroom. They weren't invented yet.

Their huts were made out of mud and weeds from the river they lived by. They all lived in one big room. They used candles for light; they made them out of wax. Their huts had a lot of weeds and mud and the bees would build nests in the huts. So the people would take the wax from them and eat the honey. Now our candles are also made of wax. Just think how old they are!

The hut had just a hole for a door and one hole in the side for more air. They also made their dishes out of clay from the river. They raised goats for milk and would drink it from the bowl they made. They slept on the ground on a grass rug that they would make out of the dry weeds. They were happy.

They washed their clothes in the river and they took their baths in it. And, also, they drank from it. Water was very important to them. So most small villages were around the rivers.

Most of the food was fish; sometimes goat meat. They didn't have fork and spoon so they ate with their fingers. When night came they would all get together. The children would sit and listen to the stories their father would tell about their lives, about hunting and fishing.

It was December 24 and it was one of those story-telling nights, when my father said, "Look up in the sky, look at the big star." We all got up and faced the star and my father said, "It is getting brighter."

As we watched, it was coming our way. Even Buddie was very afraid, but didn't do anything. All at once it was above the goat barn. My father said, "Let's go and see why it is there." So all of us walked over to the barn and stood there thinking, "What does it mean?"

Everybody was talking and didn't know what to do. Father went into the barn and came out. All at once a voice, very low, asked my father if he and his wife could rest in the barn, as they walked a long way. He said, "My wife is with child and she needs to rest."

My father said, "You are welcome to use it." They went into the barn. And we all left and went back to our huts and wondered, "Where did they come from?"

Father said, "Look. The star is still there." But all at once the star got very bright. Here came the man. He said, "I am Joseph and Mary is my wife. And she just had a boy child. We will call him Jesus."

He knelt down and started to pray. We all did the same. All at once more people came, bringing oils and goods for the baby called Jesus. Masses of people came and prayed. It was December 25.

The baby called Jesus Christ grew to a young man, and he walked all around and spoke of God and prayed with masses and baptized them so they would become Christians.

Now on December 25 we go forth and pray and give gifts. As it was when Jesus was born.

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