Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 9, 1998

Youth club raises $1,000 for St. Mary's Aviary

Winsted's Youth Service Club #2990, led by Sue Debner, heard that St. Mary's Care Center Family Council needed to raise funds in order to continue with the aviary maintenance program.

The Youth Service Club was looking for a project that would benefit the community. The two organizations met; tossed out ideas, and eventually hit upon a garage sale.

Seventeen Youth Service Club members, ranging in age from 7 to 14 years, participated by making and posting notices of the sale, helping to organize all the merchandise received, and helping to match customers with "treasures."

Many people, including staff and members of St. Mary's Auxiliary, contributed hundreds of items, which formed the basis of the garage sale. During the sale, which was held in the old hospital wing of St. Mary's Care Center, many of these same individuals, as well as other community members, came to shop.

The total earned from the sale was $505.85 and the money raised, up to $500, was matched by the Youth Service Club's home office.

Debner said, "We had a great time. It was hard work, but our club children are enthusiastic about helping their community. We are one of nearly 800 youth service clubs doing these type of projects to benefit a need."

Carla Hooper, coordinator of caring for the Aviary at St. Mary's said, "The aviary maintenance fund was nearly empty, but thanks to the Youth Service Club, care and seed for the birds in the aviary will be covered for some time to come."

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