Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 13, 1998

LP council gives dog another chance

Almost two years ago, Linda and Barry Bondhus came to the Lester Prairie City Council and requested that a dog that had bit their son be euthanized. The dog is owned by Bruce and Deborah Lutgen.

The council did not honor the Bondhuses' request, but did pass a resolution establishing rules the Lutgens had to follow in order to keep the dog.

Last Monday, the Bondhuses claimed Lutgens had not followed the resolution and again requested the dog be destroyed.

One item of the resolution stated the dog had to be muzzled, restrained, and supervised when outside. Bondhus said this was not done and Bruce Lutgen admitted "on occasion" the dog was outside unmuzzled.

Council member Galen Hochstein said he did not trust the dog or the owner and motioned the dog be euthanized, but that motion failed.

Council member Kay Jepson motioned, and the council approved, that a kennel with a size of 6'x10' must be built in seven days and the dog would not be released to the Lutgens until the kennel was complete. Other stipulations were also added with the bottom line being if all stipulations are not complied with the dog will be euthanized.

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