Howard Lake Herald, September 14, 1998

Large trucks banned in Waverly


An ordinance, based on recommendations by Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat, was passed Tuesday at the Waverly council meeting to restrict the weight of vehicles passing through the city streets.

Rassat suggested the weight restrictions for commercial vehicles traveling on city streets should be four tons per axle.

The intent of the ordinance is to prohibit commercial vehicles that exceed the weight limit from driving on the city streets and causing excessive wear to the roadways.

Exclusions from this code would include, but are not limited to, city contractors, school buses, charter buses, and delivery trucks, which are providing a service to residents or business owners in the Waverly.

Vandals caught

Rassat also told the council that two vandals were caught in the act of destroying city property at the park.

The juveniles, 13 and 14, wrecked the toilet again, plugged up another toilet, and put toilet paper in the trees, he said.

"I was standing in the doorway, and one of them said, 'excuse me,' and tried to get around me," he said.

The polite youngster didn't make any headway, and both of them were ticketed by Wright County officers.

"We want them to do their community service here in Waverly," said Rassat.

Mayor Charlie Bush said, "I still think we need to think of using a camera or some type of surveillance system for next year."

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