Howard Lake Herald, April 27, 1998

'Boys will be boys' mystery solved

By Michael Mitchell

As promised, the answer to the puzzle of who the boys were that were involved in mischievous activities will now be revealed.

I have spent the past week going over the entries that I have received. Some of the entries were quite entertaining.

One entry had all of the correct people involved. Unfortunately, that entry was sent anonymously. However, I was able to track that person down and gained some more information about the incident with the Cokato goal posts being cut down .

In the original article I mentioned that there were several large clues, one being a 1950 maroon Straight 8 Pontiac, and the other was a 1950 Ford named Old Yeller. I also mentioned that three perpetrators that cut down the goal posts were caught.

However, six boys from Howard Lake were involved. The day after the goal post incident, there were six Howard Lake High School seniors called to the principal's office. At that time, they all denied being involved. However, a short time later, Coach Dick Hayden got hold of the six boys. and when he talked to them, there was never any doubt that they would tell him nothing but the truth.

He always had a very persuasive way about him and the boys had a lot of respect for "Coach." The six who were involved in the goal post incident had to pay for the materials to replace the goal posts. They all pooled their resources and were able to come up with the cash (all in change), and took it to the principal's office in Cokato. This was done on a cold, wintry day, in a Ford convertible with the top down.

The six names involved in the goal post incident are as follows: Lloyd Larson, owner of the 1958 Pontiac, and now a building remodeling contractor; Ken Molenaar, owner of the Ford convertible, and now a systems analyst; Lamoine Ferrell, now a businessman; Jere Stephens, a computer specialist; Daryll Stenberg, a financial advisor; and Bob Carlson, the one who was hit on the head by the falling crossbar, who is now a chemistry professor at University of Minnesota Duluth.

The goal post incident happened in 1957 and several entrants had the right year, but didn't have all the correct people involved. The bonfire incident occurred in 1958 and Craig Cochran drove the get away car, Old Yeller. His side kick was none other than yours truly, Mike Mitchell. My mother will be proud of this article.

One of the entries suggested that the boy who was hit in the head by the cross bar must have been Mike Mitchell. If I had been, maybe I would be the college professor, instead of racking my brain coming up with these articles.

I appreciate all those who responded by mail and to those who I talked to, asking for more clues. I am sorry to say that the winning entry was anonymous. Even though I did track him down, he didn't feel that he deserved the prize since he was one of the participants.

Because this article created so much interest for that era, here's some additional trivia for another generation to ponder. There was a businessman in the 1930's by the name of Rabinowitz. What did he sell, and where was his shop located? Answer to follow in another article.

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