Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, December 28, 1998

Jim Brown named football coach of the year

Jim Brown, football coach at Holy Trinity High School, has been named 1998 Tri-Valley Football Coach of the Year.

For 18 years, Brown has been coaching the high school football team at Holy Trinity.

Every year, football practice has begun somewhere around the middle of August and ends when the season ends in November. Every day, except Saturday and Sunday in most instances, players show up for football practice. No excuses accepted. Rain, dentist and doctor appointments, state fair, or snow are not legitimate excuses for missing practice. Lightning means practice indoors.

Brown has been there to instruct, discipline, criticize, and encourage. He has been there when morale has been high and when it has been low.

Through it all, he has maintained the respect of his football players and kept their spirit alive through the really tough games. He has taken players, found their special talent and worked with them to help them achieve their full potential. He has given Holy Trinity many years of exciting high school football and a pride in their football team.

Students were not surprised to hear that their football coach was named coach of the year. To students, both past and present, Brown has always been coach of the year.

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