Howard Lake Herald, August 3, 1998

Cedar Hedge Dairy delivered the milk

By Bert Luhman

I really enjoyed the series by Bob Rekedahl.

I was very familiar with all of those places and people. However, I was a little disappointed that no mention was made of the Cedar Hedge Dairy, which had a large impact on our family, as well as the community.

It was very instrumental in the transition from whole milk to pasteurized milk for Howard Lake and Waverly.

As was noted in Myron Heuer's column a while ago, the business was started by Bernard Luhman as bottled whole milk, and later continued by my father Alfred Luhman.

As I remember, it turned into more of a family operation with the advent of the building of a pasteurizing plant. Prior to that, my mother Clara did most of the bottle washing, cooking and filling.

Then, my brother, Hubert, took on more of the work, while Gene helped Dad with the livestock. As I grew older, I helped deliver milk and sister LaVern did the book work.

I remember when I was about 12, the business had grown to covering all of Howard Lake, Waverly and the stores in Montrose. I had my own route. I drove a 1935 Chevy pickup and delivered to the homes south of Highway 12 in Howard Lake each morning before I went to school. Hubert delivered to the rest of Howard Lake, all of Waverly and stores in Montrose.

After school, I hurried home to help Hubert finish washing bottlers and filling them for the next day. Finally, because of OPA ceiling prices, we could no longer make enough profit to keep going. So, the business was sold to the Howard Lake Creamery Association. That is when Art Banke started delivering milk for the creamery.

I still remember a little jingle that hung on the inside of Hubert's delivery truck.

"Sloppy Ky with Careless Caper,

Tosses milk like morning paper,

Breaks the bottles, spills the fluid.

What a dope. Why does he do it?"

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