Howard Lake Herald, June 1, 1998

Getting acquainted with Howard Lake

By Christina Frankenfield
HL City Administrator

Hello, Howard Lake residents and business employers and employees. My name is Christina Frankenfield and I am the new city administrator.

My first day here ended in a bit of excitement as Friday's thunderstorm came wailing through leaving the city without power and several tree branches scattered all around.

It was quite impressive to see the community working together helping one another after the storm left. It exemplifies one of the key reasons why I came to Howard Lake. This community cares about one another, and that caring is what makes Howard Lake strong.

One of my goals is to get out and visit each business in Howard Lake. I have had the opportunity to visit many in the downtown area, and each owner and individual worker I have met have been very kind to me.

It has been quite enjoyable touring businesses and learning the various histories involved with each establishment.

If I have not visited your place yet, call me at 320-543-3670 and I'll make arrangements to come out and meet you, and learn about your business.

Dividend return

Recently, the city received $3,463, the city's share of a $4 million dividend returned to member cities of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) worker's compensation program.

This sizable dividend was made possible because member cities filed fewer workers compensation claims and incurred fewer losses in 1997 than actuaries expected.

LMCIT is a self-insured pool formed in 1980 to meet the unique risk management needs of Minnesota cities. More than 750 cities throughout Minnesota purchase their liability, property and workers' compensation coverage from this insurance trust. Where extra funds in private insurance companies translate into profits, LMCIT's extra funds are returned to member cities in the form of dividends.

Our city government is committed to the safety of city employees. They work hard to keep this city running, and that work sometimes involves dangerous tasks.

It is our responsibility to do everything we can to keep our employees healthy and reduce their risk of injury on the job

Compost pile

The compost pile is only equipped to handle tree branches, leaves; brush; and woodchips

Do not leave your materials in plastic or paper bags. Place the branches in the brush pile, the woodchips in the woodchip pile, etc.

Remember that the area is under surveillance. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call city hall at 320-543-3670.

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