Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, September 21, 1998

Location of Winsted city offices still uncertain

City Clerk Betty Zachmann told the Winsted City Council Wednesday she had been asked by Ron Matsek, general manager of Niro-Sterner in Hudson, Wisc., if the city wants to buy the building the city currently occupies.

Previously, Niro-Sterner had informed the council that the property, plant, and office building, had been purchased by SJ&F Enterprises.

Zachmann said she did not know why Niro-Sterner was making the offer. The city has been renting office space from the company for the past year.

The council discussed its options, including its idea of remodeling some of the old fire hall into office space.

Council member Bonnie Quast brought up the idea of renting space in the old theater building, at the corner of Main Avenue and First Street. That building is being remodeled.

It was agreed to estimate the costs of the three options - buying the Niro-Sterner building, renting office space, and remodeling the fire hall - and have the information ready for the Oct. 6 meeting.

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