Howard Lake Herald, March 23, 1998

Land behind city hall not for sale


Addressing the council Tuesday was Pat Van Oss, owner of the Old Town Gallery.

Van Oss expressed concern that the community wasn't aware of his offer to purchase the strip of land between the railroad and the city hall, since the last council meeting was not televised.

He proceeded to read a letter (page 4) detailing his proposal to put up the money to reserve that land for a future parking lot or green space.

The council had directed City Engineer Brad DeWolf to look into the railroad's position on the offer.

DeWolf said the railroad's management company is not interested in selling the property at this time.

Queen's committee

Peg Rathkamp requested $600 for the Howard Lake Queen's committee to send the royalty to the Aquatennial. She said this is an increase of $50 over last year.

The council approved the donation. Said Councilwoman Jean Schmidt, "It is good public relations and advertising for Howard Lake."

Parking lots

The council discussed the parking lot damage on block 18 and decided to include the concrete curb repair and overlay with the bond for the park and ride lot.

Councilman Shelly Reddemann said the curbs are not backed with anything other than dirt and take a beating when they are hit by the snowplows.

City Administrator Doug Borglund said a master plan for these projects will be presented to the council in May.

The block 18 project will be separate line items in the plan and can be eliminated if they are too expensive, said Borglund.

Liquor store report

The municipal liquor store showed a January profit of $13,853.10, said manager Ruth Voight. February showed a profit of $9,235.51.

She said she has ordered an air purifier to help with the odors, and the floor is scheduled to be cleaned, sealed, and waxed.

New mats will be installed behind the bar for the comfort of the bartenders.

She reported the dry traps are a problem source of offensive odors, and she is trying to keep water poured into the drains.

Recycling contract

The recycling contract with Mumford Sanitation concludes June 23, said Borglund.

He asked the council if the contract with Glenn Mumford should be renewed, or if it should be let for bid.

Councilman Al LePage said he thought there was no problem renewing the contract if there was no increase in fees.

If there is an increase, he wants the council to consider bids.

Mayor Mark Custer said, "We felt he gave us the best value for our money, and he was also the low bidder(last time)."

Reddemann said, "He is doing a fine job, and he is taking more materials than he has to."

Borglund was instructed to begin discussions with Mumford.

Other business

- Council members approved the construction of the sprinkler system at Memorial Park at no cost to the city.

- The Board of Review is rescheduled for Wednesday, April 8, at 7 p.m. Cards containing the details will be mailed, and appointments should be made with Wright County, said City Clerk Gene Gilbert.

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