Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, November 9, 1998

Winsted city offices moving to theatre building

For the second time in just over a year, Winsted city offices will be moved, this time to the former theatre building at the downtown corner of Second Street and Main Avenue.

Winsted City Council approved the move at its meeting Wednesday after considering a proposal from Steve Haugdahl to move from the Niro building on Sixth Street South to the theatre building.

Haugdahl will remodel the interior to the city's desired floor plan for offices and other uses with a three-year lease commitment.

Currently, the city pays $1,200 per month for about 1,150 square feet in the Niro-Sterner building. City offices were moved there Oct. 31, 1997.

That building is in the process of being sold, and the city was given the options of keeping the space it has or taking over the entire building of 2,300 square feet for $2,399 per month.

The theatre building will rent for $1,550 per month for 3,150 square feet. In either case, the city pays for utilities.

City Administrator Aaron Reeves said the city will need a temporary site for at least two to three years while the old city hall building issue is resolved. Whether renovation or new construction is pursued, it will probably take that long for a decision to be made and work to be completed, he said.

Also, the city is required to provide handicapped access to its offices and restrooms. The Niro building does not meet that, and the theatre building will, it was noted.

The city is required to give a 90-day notice to the owner of the Niro building, with the move to take place shortly after that.

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