Howard Lake Herald, December 7, 1998

Tick tock, the courtyard gets a clock

By Angela Lachermeier
Waverly Area Visionary Enrichment President

How many people does it take to put lights around a clock?

In all actuality, it took four adults to figure out the best way to install them.

Steve and Jan Fisher, owners of Ornamental Landscape Depot, along with myself and my husband Ken Kutz got together one evening in my shop. We installed the lights around both sides of the clock face.Jim Rozeske with clock

I made a call to Jim Rozeske of Waverly, our electrician for the project. Rozeske, who works for Petersen Electric in Eden Prairie, arrived promptly the next day to do the final hookup. It was near dark when the clock lit up and began working. The extra effort of installing the lights was well worth it.

The next day, Jim Weninger and his Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) FFA crew made one last visit to the site to fill in the trenches where the wiring was located. They also leveled out the lot some more and swept up all the dirt on the sidewalks.

Work will resume on this project in the spring. The clock and park benches were purchased at Ornamental Landscape Depot with a donation from the Lions Club of Waverly.

Although, at this time, the clock stands alone, it will be accompanied by several park benches in the spring. The Waverly Area Visionary Enrichment (WAVE) committee also purchased a round bench that will encircle the tree that was donated by Joe and Corina Sterner. We took a "snow check" on sod that was donated by Bill Hoffman of ACE Sod Company. It will be installed in the spring.

The WAVE committee appreciates all the hard work and donations that went into this project. It would not have been possible to get as far as we did if it wasn't for the HLWW FFA coming to our aid with the sidewalks, clock foundation, debris removal and all the many little things this project entailed.

So find the time to drive by and check out the new town clock and keep in mind that a group effort of our youth, local businesses, community groups and residents made it possible.

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