Howard Lake Herald, August 17, 1998

Tragedy continues with plane crash

The recent tragic loss of Howard Lake pastor Gary Berlinski and his wife Karen in a head-on crash near Monte Vista, Colo. has an equal tragedy playing out in that state.

A family generation has been wiped out, and a town is in shock, reported the Denver Post.

Four members of a prominent San Luis Valley, Colo. farming dynasty died in a plane crash Aug. 6.

Killed were David Ford, 50, a member of the Colorado Agricultural Commission, his brothers Doug, 49, and Gene, 48, and Gene's son, John 20.

The four were the sons and grandson of Lenore Ford, who was killed June 18 in the head-on automobile collision that killed Pastor Berlinski and his wife.

The men were on the way to scatter the ashes of Lenore when their plane cartwheeled into the trees in the early morning under a calm, clear, blue sky, said Ray Blaum, Hinsdale County administrator.

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