Howard Lake Herald, August 17, 1998

Rescued dogs generate enormous public response

By Linda Francis
Humane Society of Wright County

There is a very happy story in the making at the Humane Society of Wright County. The two Great Pyrenees, Hope and Chance, who were rescued by the Wright County Sheriff's Department and the humane society in late June, generated a tremendous response and concern from the media and the public.

The young dogs were found in a ditch along a road in Wright County, north of Buffalo. Each had a deformed rear leg and both were 20 pounds underweight.

Veterinarians who examined and x-rayed the dogs believe they were struck with a heavy object over a year ago and the broken bones were allowed to go without any medical treatment. Surgeons evaluating the dog's deformed legs agree that because of the severity, location and age of the breaks, the lower part of the leg never developed and there is no way to rebuild the legs surgically.

Amputation of the "dead" limb will enable the remaining good leg to center more under the body, which will greatly improve balance and mobility. The University of Minnesota Veterinary School is scheduled to perform the amputation of the deformed legs Aug. 20 and feel this will provide a much improved quality of life for these two wonderful dogs.

Since their plight became public, donations in excess of $14,000 have been received to cover the cost of the dogs' surgeries. Jessica Harris, manager of the Humane Society Shelter said, "We want to thank everyone who donated money out of concern for these two dogs.

"A Special Needs Fund has been established for donations in excess of the money needed for the surgery and medical needs of Hope and Chance. We have a number of animals brought to the shelter throughout the year with severe injuries due to neglect and abuse. Reserve in the Special Needs Fund will assure prompt medical attention for these cases."

Mary Lotz, assistant manager of the shelter said, "We have been gratified by the scores of concerned callers requesting information about Hope and Chance. Many people have expressed an interest in adopting these dogs when they have recovered from their surgery.

"Applications to adopt the dogs will be accepted until Aug. 20. The humane society will be screening applicants carefully to find a loving and safe home for these two gentle dogs."

Both dogs are temporarily in a foster home and will be there until they recover from their surgery and are ready for adoption. Chance, the male Pyrenees, has had eye surgery to correct a congenital problem called entropian, which is the turning of the eyelids, causing them to rub against the eyeball.

Both dogs have been gaining weight slowly with a good diet, and building strength with an exercise program. Chance has been experiencing some intestinal problems which may be due to stress. He is receiving a special diet and will be closely monitored before undergoing any additional surgery.

The cruelty investigators from the Humane Society of Wright County have a number of good leads and are working to develop the case against the individuals who are responsible for the abuse and neglect of these two dogs. They will be working with the sheriff's department on this case, as in other abuse cases.

If you have information which may help this investigation or any instance of abuse or neglect of an animal, you are urged to call the Humane Society of Wright County at 612-972-3577.

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