Howard Lake Herald, March 16, 1998

Wright County delinquent tax list published

The March 16 edition of the Herald contains the official publication of the 1997 Wright County Delinquent Tax List.

The delinquent tax list is published every March and is one of the older required publishing procedures around, said Mark Anfinson, Minnesota Newspaper Association lawyer.

The tax list has been around since the early part of the century, he said.

"It is a means of encouraging compliance; a way of shaming people into paying," said Anfinson.

Also, publication of the entire list allows all taxpayers to see how big the problem of non-payment is in each county, he added.

Sometimes the delinquent tax list is used by banks and other lenders to gather information on a client.

Often, a real estate developer will appear on it until all the lots in the development are sold.

While publishing the delinquent tax list is one step, actual forfeiture of property because of unpaid taxes is a lengthy, complicated procedure, Anfinson said.

Eventually, proceeds from a tax forfeiture sale are divided up among the government agencies that have money coming to them, such as the school district, county, state, and any others.

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