Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 9, 1998

Plans approved for new Winsted fire hall

Winsted City Council approved the plans for a new fire hall Wednesday, and the project will be let for bids this week.

Mayor Don Guggemos requested consideration be given to using a heavier shingle with more aggressive adhesive. These would be less likely to blow off in a storm, he said.

Fire department representatives discussed the heating for the main area where the trucks are kept with the council.

A Wirsbo system that runs through the floor in PVC pipe is being evaluated against units that hang from the ceiling.

The advantage, said fireman Larry Biske, is supposed to be a faster recovery time for trucks in the cold weather, when they come in all frozen up.

The fire department has been working with building inspector Paul Waldron for a couple of months, and say it depends on how much each system costs.

The Wirsbo system should pay for itself in 12 years, which is a slow payback, but it should be a superior system. It also has a 30-year warranty, he said.

Guggemos said he would like to see a 10 percent bid bond for security and the right to accept or reject a bid in the best interest of the city.

In case a contractor has a history of shoddy work, the city wouldn't have to accept the low bid.

A penalty clause of $1,000 per day also needs to be in the contract, he said.

In order to open bids and have time to review them, the council decided to publish the call for bids as soon as possible.


City Clerk Betty Zachmann said the old city hall insurance premium had been $232, but it has increased to $3,000 because it is unoccupied.

She also said the open meeting law insurance is $500 for 80 percent coverage and $600 for 100 percent coverage. The council approved the complete coverage.

The $25,000 bond covers the council members for dishonesty, but the council asked Zachmann to investigate the cost for covering all city employees and report back to the council.

Infiltration and inflow

The city plans to use equipment to televise its storm sewer system to find, among other things, the amount of excess water flow in the system caused by illegally connected sump pumps.

The city needs to be concerned about liability and reliability of results if it uses interns to work on this project, said Guggemos.

"We need to find out costs for a study from a firm that does this," he said.

It might be cheaper to let them hire the interns and deal with the liability, he said.

Zachmann said the sewer lines need to be jetted before they are televised and the smoke testing is done.

"We ordered a microphone for the camera, so we know where the camera is while it is being televised," she said.

The council asked Zachmann to get an estimate on the smoke testing for the sewer lines.

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